cherry windsor bnch

New Waltham Bench 5'

This is my latest bench. Instead of having 'hidden" laminated leg supports, it has a traditional stretcher that has been designed to fit the more modern look of this bench.


Cod Rib Side Bench 4 1/2'

windsor bench by Timothy Clark

5' Waltham Bench w/ fine crest rail


New Waltham Bench 6'

State House Bench 6'

Waltham Bench 3'

Waltham Bench 5'

windsor settee
4 1/2' Settee

Shelburne Benches

windsor bench

6' Settee

Settees or Benches

My benches or settees are grand additions to any room or hallway. The 4 1/2' , 5' and 6' are my standards but I can do them in any length that you want. the 29' 4 " bench was built for the Blue Duck Tavern at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC.


cherry bench

29'4" Settee or custom

14 Foot Settee with Drawers



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