cherry windsor bnch

New Waltham Bench 5'

This is my latest bench. I am changing all of my New Waltham and Cod Rib benches to this type of leg support.

windsor bench by Timothy Clark

5' Waltham Bench w/ fine crest rail

This has been my most popular bench since I first made it a few years ago. My original is the same bench but with a traditional crest rail. See below.

Cod Rib Side Bench 4 1/2'


windsor bench by Timothy Clark

3' Waltham Bench w/ Thin Rail


New Waltham Bench 6'

State House Bench 6'

Waltham Bench 3'

Waltham Bench 5'

windsor settee
4 1/2' Settee

Shelburne Benches

windsor bench

6' Settee

Settees or Benches

This latest long bench is over 25' long and with the corner turns has about 34' feet of running seat length. One of my specialties is making custom benches of any length. Contact me if you have ideas.

I call this the 28 Leg Windsor Bench

windsor bench by Timothy Clark

My benches or settees are grand additions to any room or hallway. The 4 1/2' , 5' and 6' are my standards but I can do them in any length that you want. the 29' 4 " bench was built for the Blue Duck Tavern at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC.

cherry bench

29'4" Settee or custom

14 Foot Settee with Drawers



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