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Thes are the first of what I hope will be a series of my standard chair designs on office bases. I find this chair to be a great desk chair. If you are at a desk all day, you may want a special ergonomically designed chair but I find these to be very comfortable and would look great in a high end conference room or occasional desk use situation. I often spend hours at a time in mine.

The hardware on this chair adjusts up, down and the tilt tension is adjustable. The tilt can also be locked in the upright position. Wheels are available for carpet and floor. Carpet wheels are included.

price- These will be priced at my standard chair prices (with the base shown) and various bases are available. More expensive bases will add to the price accordingly. Please contact me for details.

Below is my Cod Rib Arm Chair on a swivel / tilt base.

$865. with carpet wheels and base in image.

Below is my Waltham Arm Chair in cherry and ash mounted on a tilt / swivel base.

$965. as shown with carpet wheels.


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