A milk paint finish is the best way to acheive the look of an "old" chair. A latex or enamel can not do the same thing. Below is a detail of the front seat edge of my Waltham side chair. This picture is not the best but I wanted to show the worn edge. During the finishing process some edges are worn though the paint revealing highlights of wood. These are a natural part of a milk paint finish and will continue to wear as the chair is used. This highlighting will be minimal when you receive your chair from me but upon request, I can give the chair more of a worn feel. In my opinion the worn highlights add richness and warmth. In order to keep the chair looking clean cared for, I recommend keeping up with the clear top coat of Bartley's Gel Varnish once every couple of years depending on how much the chairs are used. Click here to find Bartley's Gel Varnish.




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