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It has been a while since my last entry. I will most likely move my "What's New?" page to a blog format that will be linked to the site. It will make it much easier to add new content and also readers will be able to follow my updates if they are interested by way of automatic notifications of new content. It may take me a while to get to that. For now my latest project is below.


This latest project is known as a Hunt Table or an Irish Wake Table. Built narrow so that it could be carried outside to hold a spread of food for after an English hunt. As a Wake table, the departed would be laid out on the center portion of the table, or so they tell me. This table is actually going to Ireland.

I have just finished up the top which has a rule joint for the two large leaves. This joint is very common but quite challenging to execute. It takes a great deal of patience to set the hinges properly and to get it just right. The oval shape of the top was also a bit of a challenge. The 1/4 pattern is the key to making the table end up symetrical. The double gate leg base is also very interesting. I will post images of that when I get farther on that part of the project.

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