Ordering Information

When you place an order for furniture, I build it one piece at a time. I work alone or sometimes with an assistant. I do not have an inventory of work except for pieces that are currently in galleries.

Completion lead times
will vary greatly depending on how busy I am. At present, 6-8 months is the range but may be longer due to a full schedule. I may be able to give a more accurate schedule when you contact me but when there are many orders ahead of yours it is very hard to predict when your order will be completed. If your order is to be 6 months out and I give an estimate of a month, it is possible that it may be a month after that. If there is a specific important date for completion, please make that clear when you order. The larger the order, the more unknowns with come up during the process. I concentrate on quality and not on the clock so if something needs extra attention, it will get it. You can be assured that your furniture order will get my full attention and care. Fine Craftsmanship is something that cannot be rushed. I look forward to meeting, or talking to you.

I discount much of my furniture when multiple pieces are ordered. This includes sets of chairs. Contact me for discounts that may apply to your order.

Contact me by email, phone, or mail to place an order or to discuss a custom order.

Custom orders
are not out of the ordinary. Let me know what you are thinking and I will send you a scale shop drawing and a price for your approval. Then we proceed as usual with a 50% deposit.

I require a deposit of at least 50% of the total order before I begin work on your order. Balance is due before the work leaves my shop. Sometimes, I do not get around to billing until the work is actually on its way but I ask that payment be made when the bill arrives. After all, if I am a bit late with the work, I am not being paid during that time so prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

Method of Payment:

Payment can be made by check made out to Timothy Clark or credit cards or paypal can be used. If you don't see the credit card link on the left of the page, go back to the home page. (it is possible that some pages are not updated with the credit card link.)

Balance Due:
One week prior to delivery.


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