Testimonials for my work

Cod Rib Rocking Chair

Thanks. The chair is very comfortable, beautiful lines and simply a very elegant piece of furniture.

Quebec, Canada

Trestle Table, New Waltham Chairs, New Waltham Bench

We want to express again how delighted we are with each of the pieces. The wood you chose and the way you matched the pieces is beautiful. Your craftsmanship and your attention to detail is appreciated by us. We noticed how you even showed the grains on the chair legs. I am more than willing to be a reference for potential clients.


Waltham Arm Chairs

The chairs are so gorgeous and so comfortable!!! Thank you so much!!
We just love the chairs - they are so beautiful. Lots of neighbors stopped by over the past few days and we proudly showed them off...

Rochester, New York


High Work Stools (Kitchen Stools)


The stools are absolutely amazing! We are thrilled with them – can’t believe it was 36 degrees on the day you finished them – nice touch to add that to the stool.

We couldn’t be happier – thank you!

Cohasset, Massachusetts


Waltham chairs

Tim: I just wanted you to know that it was a pleasure to deal with you and we love the handmade character and graceful delicate design of the chairs. Thanks once again.

Queechee, Vermont

Pencil Post and Low Post Beds

Hi Tim - the beds are beautiful and look perfect in the house. Thank you for your care.

Martha's Vineyard, MA


Waltham Rocker

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to let you know that our rocker was delivered as scheduled 2 weeks ago, in the one lull of the day when it wasn’t pouring rain (good luck on timing!). It is a beautiful chair, very comfortable, and just the right size. Thank you so much!



Trestle Table


The table looks beautiful. I will be so excited to have company over to show it off.

Thank you so very much.

Yardley, Pennsylvania

Waltham Side Chairs

Dear Tim,
I want to thank you so much for the chairs, which arrived today. It looks like securing them in their boxes is as much of a project as making them in the first place!
I am sitting in one of the chairs now, and it already feels like an old friend or, even better, an old pair of shoes. I love the way the back flexes when I lean into it. I love the hand tooled feel and look of the seat, and the legs, and most of all of the spindles in the back. I do wood working with a spoke shave and draw knife, and it is such a pleasure to see it so well done. I also love the way the curves of the back spindles are achieved, and the fact that each curve is slightly different from that of the neighboring piece. I love the finish, and the bits of red showing through the black are very nicely realized.
In short, I think you have done a wonderful job, and I am proud to own a pair of your chairs. I look forward to doing business with you again, and to referring you to others.
Berkeley , California
From a cabinet customer.

The little CD Chest came yesterday- in perfect condition- it looks great and we love it!!
Many thanks- an heirloom...
Minneapolis, Minnesota
From a Cod Rib Arm , Side Chair and Settee (and later, dining table and coffee table) customer .

Dear Tim,
I also wanted to thank you again for the chairs. They are truley works of art!!!
Albany, New York
From a Cod Rib Arm and Side Chair (and later, dining table and computor desk and table) customer.

Dear Tim,
Thank you so very much my dear. Can not wait to have a beautiful table. Job well done.
Burlington, Vermont
From a Painted Sideboard and Waltham side chairs customer.

Hi Tim,
Thank you again for the beautiful furniture you made. The sideboard is gorgeous--and just perfect for the room--and the chair is wonderful (and eagerly awaits its companions).
Anyway, THANKS! Best wishes, Montpelier, Vermont
Also from Montpelier-
I discovered that not only did you sign and date the pieces, but you gave a little weather report--it's so charming and delightful!
P.S. And the chair is not only exquisite, but also comfortable!
From a Cod Rib Side Chair customer.

I still love the chairs you made me. Maybe I can order a table from you.
Savannah, Georgia
From a Waltham Rocker customer.

The Rocker arrived and is wonderful. Thanks so much.
New York, New York
From a Waltham arm and side chair customer.

Hi Tim,
Thanks agian! It's been a pleasure doing business with you. We will surely enjoy your handywork.
All the best, West Nyack, New York


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